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Bowlmor Houston

After a multi-million-dollar renovation, Houston hotspot Bowlmor Lanes is officially ready to roll.

Presented by By Bowlmor Houston December 8, 2015

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It’s almost Saturday night and you suddenly find yourself stricken with a serious case of weekend boring. What’s there to do? If you’re in the Houston area, Bowlmor Lanes has the perfect treatment: Saturday night bowling!

It’s not a joke. Bowlmor, the upscale bowling and nightlife hotspot, began a multi-million-dollar renovation of its Houston venue months ago—installing the latest luxury finishes and brand-new additions meant to excite, amaze, and entertain. And now, the new Bowlmor Houston is officially open to the public and ready to roll for date night, family night, after-work gatherings, and private events.

When you think of bowling on a Saturday night, one might immediately conjure up images of smoke-filled alleys with depressing fluorescent lights, cheap plastic seats, and surly regulars with names like “Mack” or “Bub.” Thankfully, the new Bowlmor Houston is a 180-degree departure from that ancient bowling stereotype. Instead, one finds a bowling alley with nightclub cool and rustic Texas charm hard-coded into its very DNA—an upscale bowling and nightlife destination that’s reclaiming Saturday night with a hip, retro-modern aesthetic.

At Bowlmor Houston, bowling becomes more than bowling—it becomes an immersive experience. Whether you’re trying to plan the perfect date or looking to enjoy an evening out with friends, the new Bowlmor offers the ideal space for socializing. It’s got all the amenities and attractions of a downtown lounge—comfortable seating, inventive menus, exceptional service, and a delicious array of signature cocktails—plus the fun and excitement of America’s most cherished pastime.

The beauty of Bowlmor Houston is that you don’t have to be a good bowler to have a great time (in fact, it’s usually more fun if you’re not). The game is secondary to the Bowlmor experience as a whole—an experience that’s complemented by first-class amenities and convenient laneside service (yes, they deliver your drinks and your food directly to your lane so you don’t have to stop having fun!). Even the area’s best athletes—like the Rockets’ James Harden and the Texans’ Johnathan Joseph—have been spotted having a blast on the lanes. 

In its latest reincarnation, Bowlmor Houston has taken the social entertainment experience a step further, constructing a massive, new arcade that’s packed with 30 of the coolest and most exhilarating games, including Jurassic Park, Mario Kart, and Time Crisis 5.  All that fun can work up a serious appetite. Lucky for you, Bowlmor Houston’s kitchen pumps out some of the most inventive and unique menu items around (our top recs include the Twisted-Tater Nachos, the S’mores Skillet, Bowlmor’s new Pizza Cupcakes—yes, you read correctly, pizza cupcakes—and the Behemoth Burger—a 5-lb, 14-inch-round party burger that’s made for you and a group of your best friends). Bowlmor’s menu features a ton of all-star selections, but it’s the Behemoth burger that’s truly legendary; it’s the kind of burger that can turn your Saturday night into a story that you tell for years to come.

You only get one Saturday night a week—make it legendary at the all-new Bowlmor Houston!
Check out Bowlmor Houston this Saturday night at 925 Bunker Hill Road or find them online at Bowlmor.com