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Cava Pairing Basics for a Successful Holiday Menu

When it’s time to plan your holiday menu, bring on the sparkling wine.

Presented by By Segura Viudas December 2, 2015

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When it’s time to plan your holiday menu, bring on the sparkling wine. Here’s what you need to know about building the perfect meal paired with Cava: the weight of the wine should match the weight of the food. As a general rule of thumb, a wine that is dry and crisp pairs well with light foods and more flavorful wines work better with bigger flavors. So as you plan your holiday menu, feel free to ramp up the flavors of your wine with dessert as the sweet finale. If all that sounds too difficult, don’t stress. Just follow our example holiday menu below and everyone will be happy. Cheers to that!

Start with a light, dry Cava – like Segura Viudas Brut. Light wines stimulate the palate, so keep your appetizers simple. Serve a few mild cheeses, some crostini and a mix of olives as your guests arrive and mingle. If you want to serve a prepared dish, try crostini topped with goat cheese and apples. Cava’s bright lemon and apple flavors make the tangy cheese and apple pop.

Main Course
Not only is sparkling rosé the “It” wine of the moment, its fuller flavors stand up well against the focus of your meal: the main course. For holidays, that usually means turkey and/or ham and a slew of sides. Whether you go with juicy turkey or salty ham, Segura Viudas Brut Rosé does its job to bring out the essence or balance it. Typical holiday sides like mashed potatoes and stuffing benefit from the bubbles cutting through each bite. 

As you move toward the sweeter side of the meal, you can open up a sweeter bottle of Cava, such as Segura Viudas Extra Dry. It’s the perfect counterpart to this season’s star: pumpkin. Whether you go cake, pie or flan; Cava’s body mimics the flavors of pumpkin pie spice nicely. The sweet wine is something you can sip far beyond the end of the meal too. Happy Holidays!


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