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How to Find the Right Realtor

Hunting for an agent can be daunting, learn tips on how to spot the good from the bad.

Presented by July 1, 2016

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No two agents are the same. That’s why it is important to do your research when choosing an agent. It makes all the difference when buying or selling your home.

Its best to start with interviewing the agent properly by asking the right questions. Knowing how many years of experience they have, their schooling, certification, licensing or ect. can help you get a clear understanding on what they are about and if they have what it takes to manage this process for you. Talking to their previous clients is one of the best ways to get a genuine idea of a realtor’s experience and their work ethic. This gives you insight that may not come up during your initial agent screening. If an agent is hesitant to disclose this information, chances are they may be hiding something.

Also, make sure the agent has extensive knowledge on your ideal home. They may have years of experience with luxury homes, but if they never dealt with a $150,000 home purchase, then you may want to reconsider. You want to be sure that your realtor understands the market that is tailored to your needs and not that of others.

Last but not least, remember to shop around for a realtor. You should never feel pressured to choose an agent within the first day of meeting with them. If you feel like you still need more clarification on their background, don't hesitate to ask more questions. Having the right realtor is just as important as picking the right home, so choose wisely and good luck! 

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