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The annual holiday party: it can be a much-anticipated celebration or an anxiety-inducing occasion.

The process of planning an event may seem daunting, but it definitely doesn’t have to be. You can treat your team, impress your colleagues, or plan an epic holiday celebration for your friends—all without pulling your hair out. How? By hosting a holiday bowling bash at Bowlmor Houston. Bowling? Really? YES! You may remember bowling from childhood birthday parties or your dad’s league night, but today the classic American pastime has been updated and reimagined with blacklight lanes, interactive games, gourmet menus, and the kind of striking ambience that gets everyone in the mood to celebrate. The party planning professionals at Bowlmor can help take your holiday event to a whole new level and make the process of planning your party totally painless.


Holiday parties hosted on the lanes help break the ice and up the level of fun in a way most other parties just can’t. Where else can you hurl large objects to the ground, wear funny shoes, and sample an array of inventive dishes (and signature cocktails) in the company of your friends and colleagues? Bowlmor Houston has 39 blacklight bowling lanes equipped with comfy lounge seating, state-of-the-art scoring, and enormous video walls that play anything from concerts and music videos to live sports and more. (And if you’re hosting an extra-fancy special occasion, definitely check out the venue’s private bowling suite that features 7 VIP lanes and its own private bar. It’ll seriously up your party game and provide the exclusive experience that you and your guests are looking for.)


Where to begin! Bowlmor Houston’s arcade is surely a sight to behold. The massive play-space is packed with a plethora of games like Mario Kart, Candy Crush, Jurassic Park, and Time Crisis 5. Classic table games like billiards and foosball, in addition to enhanced lighting and sound—both in the arcade and throughout the venue—bring the space to life and add an extra dimension to all the interactive fun.

Inventive Eats

No great party is ever truly legendary without the perfect event menu. Bowlmor Houston’s brand-new lineup of Instagram-worthy palate-pleasers is totally ready to light up your feed. The menu is party-ready and packed with all sorts of outrageous options, such as Bowlmor’s 2-Foot Coney Mega Dog hot dogs, the signature Party Pretzel, and a variety of specialty cocktails in addition to the world-famous 5-lb Behemoth Burger—a party burger that’s 14 inches round and made to be shared. If you still have room for dessert, then you’ll definitely want to tackle Bowlmor Houston’s S’Mores Skillet, an updated version of the campfire classic complete with giant marshmallows, graham crackers, milk chocolate, and a drizzle of sweet caramel.

Getting Ready to Roll

Holiday celebrations should be full of epic fun—not an epic hassle. The party pros at Bowlmor Houston have the event-planning know-how to help transform your next party into a truly striking celebration. Check them out at 925 Bunker Hill Road or find them online at, and don’t miss your chance to host the Best Holiday Party Ever!  

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