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You Are What You Commit To

Commit to the new year and you’ll unleash more potential.

Presented by Equinox January 27, 2017

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You are more than the sum of your posts. As the new year rises, stop sharing and start committing. Discover Equinox River Oaks, our newest Texas club bringing a healthy dose of luxury to this perennially chic city.  A health and wellness oasis amidst the hustle and bustle, experience delivers the best of Equinox with a community that truly values the good life.

2017 Fitness Trends at Equinox

30 Minute Classes! Don't let a time commitment keep you from a good workout. HIIT classes offer a short burst of exercise at maximum or near maximum heart rates for ultimate calorie burning in less time. Get new meaning to cardio HIIT training complete with lightening fast intervals in our newest class Firestarter.  A 30-minute workout that will have fitness junkies using their own body weight and step bench to go through innovative and fast paced sequences that will offer a complete cardio challenge.  

Barre to the third power! The days are gone of single or double barre set ups as the triple barre system provides three unique anchor points which exponentially expands the exercise repertoire and introduces movements not typically experienced.  Prepare to elevate with Equinox’s signature triple-barre system and exclusive resistance bands, in our pinnacle barre experience, Trilogy Barre. Wrap bands to barres and navigate multiple anchor points for an intense, total-body workout in a class beyond Barre as you know it.

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Special Events at Equinox River Oaks

In the spirit of the Super Bowl coming to Houston, Equinox and The Decathlon 10 present an insightful panel discussion to explore how the pros successfully translate on-field success to post-football life. Panelists include 10-year NFL veteran and former Houston Texan, Kailee Wong, current Philadelphia Eagles QB, Chase Daniel, ex-Rice University All-American and NFL wide receiver-turned-attorney Jarett Dillard, and many more. RSVP to the event here. 


Event: Success Beyond the Super Bowl 

Date: Thursday February 2 | 5:30PM-7:30PM 

Where: Equinox River Oaks, 4444 Westheimer Road




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