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The Bright Side of Solar

Working toward a clean energy future.

Presented by Green Mountain Energy March 1, 2017

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Pioneering in the clean energy space has been at the core of Green Mountain Energy since 1997. It was the first to offer our nation (and Texas!) a 100% renewable energy plan. Bettering the environment is an intrinsic company value that drives its mission of using consumer choice to change the way power is made.

Green Mountain has since flipped the switch ON for solar solutions using its expertise, guidance and support in renewable energy. It has been making strides toward a sustainable future by helping its customers — who also love the planet — go solar. In fact, Green Mountain has been showing Texans southern hospitality, in the form of solar, for more than 15 years.

When you hear the word “solar,” panels affixed to a roof top probably come to mind. This solar option definitely takes your green living to new heights. Did you know that rooftop solar can help you save money, boost your home’s value and reduce your carbon footprint?

If you are considering an installation for your home, it’s important that your solar journey is as financially and environmentally beneficial as it can be. Through partnerships with a network of installers, Green Mountain makes sure its customers get the total package — array installation, zero-down financing, an exclusive rebate and a buy-back program for excess energy production. This program is the first of its kind in Texas, with no limits on the amount of excess energy bought back.

If solar panels didn’t make your green renovations to-do list, there are other ways to help advance the adoption of solar energy, lessening the need for traditional power-generation methods.

SolarSPARCTM is a 100% renewable electricity plan offering — another first from Green Mountain. Customers choose between 100% solar or 10% solar / 90% wind as their renewable resource breakdown, all the while earning annual bill credits as a reward for helping to fund solar projects, incentive programs and technologies. For every month that a customer is on the plan, Green Mountain sets aside money to fund initiatives that make solar energy more affordable, effective and available for its customers, such as its current installation rebate. Just think, the more Houstonians participating in this plan, the bigger impact solar power can make in our community.

Space City residents would be wise to reach out to this solar partner. Green Mountain Energy is making bold moves when it comes to the advancement of solar energy. The future is looking bright.

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