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Our Secrets to Staying Fit During the Holidays

Empower Fitness Lab gives us tips on how to beat the holiday season health slump.

Presented by Empower Fitness Lab December 13, 2017

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Do the winter months already have you feeling sluggish? ‘Tis the season for festive parties, shopping, and a lot of eating. Here are a few tips from the team at Empower Fitness Lab on how to feel your best and avoid the extra pounds during the holidays.

1. Keep Healthy Snacks & Don’t Forget the H20.

From pumpkin pie to gingerbread cookies, the holiday season is full of fatty temptations and avoiding the excess calories can be difficult. The key is to have a few healthy snacks always on hand. Providing your body with proper nutrients, such as fiber and protein, will help you feel full and will keep you from over indulging with the high caloric foods when temptation strikes. Remember to alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks when at a holiday party, and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

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2. Stick to Your Routine.

Don’t let the season’s festivities ruin your schedule. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, stick to what your body knows best and most importantly stay active. Keeping up with your exercise routine will help your body destress and detoxify. Additionally, make sure you get the normal amount of sleep your body is used to. Allowing your body to recharge nightly will help to defend against germs and the harsh winter weather.

3. Try Something New.

Switch up your workout! Nothing is less motivating on a cold winter morning than a boring workout. Mix things up so you are excited about staying active when everyone else is sleeping. Empower Fitness Lab is a class-based gym that offers HIIT, cycle, and yoga all in one place. Stop by the gym and burn maximum calories with HIIT yoga or kick start your heart rate with a HIIT Box class.

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4. Be Empowered.

Don’t let the holiday season get the best of you, Empower Fitness Lab’s team of powerhouse and energetic trainers are ready to help you find your inner athlete and shed those extra pounds. With customized music to mirror your effort and effective lighting to intensify your workout, the last thing you will feel is boredom. Empower’s goal is to improve the overall health and wellness of members by maintaining a 15:1 member to trainer ratio, to ensure proper form for maximum results.

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