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Pay Your Client’s Visa Application Fees Without Leaving the U.S.

VAFC is the first—and only company—in the U.S. to handle visa application fees in Mexico, saving your business precious time and money.

Presented by Visa Application Fee Courier January 15, 2018

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As of August 29th, 2017, the United States embassy in Mexico changed how they receive payments for non-immigration visa application fees. It used to be simple: companies could send payments for their clients online. Now, however, the fee must be deposited in cash to select banks throughout Mexico, which means more money and time lost to flights and hotels.

Fernanda Ogazon, a Houston artist and art consultant who was born in Mexico City, was personally affected by the change, and realized that there was an opportunity to help businesses deal with this new hassle; she founded VAFC (Visa Application Fee Courier) as a result. Her company, the only of its kind in the U.S., takes the bureaucracy out of the equation. Her clients—mostly international companies and immigration law firms—pay VAFC the application fee in lieu of traveling to Mexico themselves.

Since visa applications also require in-person interviews, which often aren’t scheduled until at least two weeks after the fee is received, working with VAFC eliminates one of the two trips, as well as the need to depend on a family member or friend in Mexico to make the payment on an applicant’s behalf, which isn’t always reliable.

When you hire VAFC to pay your application fee, they make the payment within 24 business bank hours through their on-ground staff, and save you the bank processing fees. There is even an option to pay online through their website. Afterwards, they provide proof of visa application fee payment so you or your attorney can finish registration for your visa interview date.

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“I never envisioned I’d be doing this, since I’m originally an art consultant, but here I am and I’m very proud of it,” says Ogazon who is also the company’s Chief Operating Officer.  I’d been through it myself and knew that there had to be other people in my situation.” When you work with VAFC, Ogazon emphasizes that you are working with a safe, reliable company who understands all of the legal and bureaucratic aspects of the process. “Doing things the right way is always a must,” she adds.

As she builds her client base in Houston, as well as in places like Florida and Louisiana, that sense of security is paramount. A new client, Luis F. Hess, of Luis F. Hess Law PLCC in Houston, says that he highly recommends VAFC to any immigration law firm. “Their website is easy to navigate, the fees are straightforward, and their staff is 100% reliable in getting my clients promptly paid in Mexico.”

Besides handling visa payments, Ogazon also offer other business solutions aimed at international clients who are trying to invest in U.S. companies or start their own companies—services such as certified document translation, website development, branding and graphic design services. “We can provide start-ups and entrepreneurs knowledge and a guiding hand at an affordable rate.”

To find out more about VAFC click here. Or CALL 409-292-9808 to schedule an appointment at their Houston office on V 2700 Post Oak Blvd.