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Explore The Rich Cultural Life of Houston’s Sister City: Leipzig

Houston and Leipzig have a remarkable number of things in common, but perhaps most pronounced is our mutual love of arts and culture.

Presented by German National Tourism Office March 28, 2018

Augustusplatz leipzig oper musikstadt co philipp kirschner  1  g7miq1

Leipzig’s central square Augustusplatz overlooking the Leipzig Opera, the third-oldest civic musical theatre in Europe.

Houston and Leipzig have a remarkable number of things in common, but perhaps most pronounced is our mutual love of arts and culture. In Leipzig, it is a tradition that reaches back 500 years from the Reformation through the Baroque period of classical composition to modern art movements in recent years.

Thomanerchor thomaskirche musikstadt co ltm peter hirth  1  ulpa6z

The well-known St. Thomas Boys’ Choir regularly performs Bach’s cantatas in St. Thomas Church.

In June, the city will highlight music with a celebration of one of its favorite sons, Johann Sebastian Bach, with the Ring of Cantatas. For three days, June 8-10, Leipzig will play host to a series of performances of Bach’s most acclaimed cantatas—vocal renditions of the composers best work.

Leipzig skyline musikviertel co ltm tom schulze o3oo1z

A mixture of history and modern life shape the urban image of Leipzig – view of the New Town Hall and City Skyscraper.

Well known troupes including the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Choir, Bach Collegium Japan and Monteverdi Choir among others. The event will also have guest lecturers discussing all things Bach. It is a must see for fans of the composer and his work. For more information visit the Ring of Cantatas website.

Gewandhaus leipzig musikstadt co huang liang jlbw9v

The famous Gewandhaus Orchestra celebrates its 275th anniversary this year.

Image: Huang Liang

From music to artwork, Leipzig’s Spinnerei has turned what was once Europe’s largest cotton mill into a sprawling complex or artists and craftspeople. From Cotton to Culture unravels the history of the Leipzig Baumwollspnnerei (German for cotton mill), founded over 125 years ago. Over the last 20 years, it has added 100 artist studios and become home to multiple galleries, shops and restaurants. More can be learned about this artists’ paradise on the Spinnerei website.

Baumwollspinnerei leipzig kunst kultur kreativ co philipp kirschner  1  xmj08b

The "Baumwollspinnerei" (cotton mill): one of the most interesting production and exhibition locations for contemporary arts and culture.

Of course, Germany is loaded with culture based on hundreds of years of history. Perhaps no one in Leipzig is more synonymous with the rich history of the country than Martin Luther. Just last year, Germany celebrated 500 years since the Reformation. The public debate between Luther and Johann Eck ultimately drove Luther from the Catholic Church and changed the face of Christianity. Read more on the Disputation in Leipzig and Martin Luther here.

Whether it is art, music or history, the rich culture of Leipzig offers something for people of all ages and interests.