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The Impossible Dream

Houston Theater Offers a Glimpse of Hope in Presentation of The Lilies of the Field. 

Presented by A.D. Players April 19, 2018

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The A.D. Players technical crew built 'Lily' -  a full-scale, drivable Ford Woody - from scratch, for their spring production of "The Lilies of The Field” by William E. Barrett. 

The A.D. Players presence on Westheimer and Yorktown, in the heart of the Houston Galleria, in their state of the art brand new building, is a testament to faith in what appeared to be an impossible dream. When Jeannette Clift George set out to build this theater, people said it couldn’t be done. Chip Simmons, has been a company member since the mid 90’s, and remembers Jeannette’s unwavering faith in the face of skeptics.  Mr. Simmons felt a personal connection to the story of The Lilies of the Field, and was thrilled to be able to bring it to life on the George Theater stage of A.D. Players during their 2017-2018 Season.

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Homer Smith (Kendrick Brown) finds work and community when he reluctantly builds a chapel for a small band of immigrant nuns led by Mother Maria Marthe (Pamela Vogel).

The plot of the story sees Homer Smith, a wandering ex-G.I., stop by a farm being run by five German nuns and agrees to help them out with various and sundry tasks and chores. At their insistence, he stays on to build a chapel for them, and the nuns are sure he is a miracle sent from God. Based on the William E. Barret novel by the same name, this story became widely popular in 1964 when Sidney Poitier won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Homer Smith in the movie adaptation. The Lilies of the Field is a story of dreams, hope, and the faithful tenacity to transform them into reality. With a stellar cast of A.D. Player Resident Company members, and first time appearances from some of Houston’s top actors, this is a show not to be missed.

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Full cast reading through the script together for the first time. 

One fun and unique part of the pre-show process has been the design and build of a working truck to be driven on the stage during the show. Lilies Ford, as she is being called in the scene shop of the A.D. Players, even has her own Facebook page and cover 800 friends following her construction to stage journey. Another impossible dream become reality!

Join the A.D. Players for this heart-warming production running April 20-May 13. Tickets can be purchased on the website, or by calling the box office at 713.526.2721.