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Empowering Young Professionals with Expert Career Guidance

The Millennial Mentors (TMM) aims to empower young professionals with the confidence to succeed in their careers by sharing knowledge, tools and strategies that can be applied to any job and at any stage in their careers.

Presented by The Millennial Mentors September 4, 2018

In today’s market, Millennials are facing both extraordinary economic challenges and unprecedented opportunities for global connectivity and social reach, thanks to the internet. Formal education is extremely expensive, interest rates on student loans make them nearly impossible to pay down, salaries [adjusted for inflation] are at an all-time low, while the cost of living continues to increase. However, the internet has also created an amazing global connectedness where your social reach has the potential to create a tremendous impact. Young professionals can redefine what it means to create success in the new digital landscape and with new rules for financial success.

In this unique social landscape, making decisions around career is not only about the job itself but about the total circumstances surrounding it: the effect on your social life, what it means for your future career goals and how it affects your personal ambition and burdens.

Born and raised in Honduras, my experience in this country was one of learning. I knew [almost] nothing about life or working in the US and it forced me to seek out mentors that had the knowledge and experience that I did not.  I founded TMM after working as a professional HR Consultant and helping dozens of the Fortune 100 companies transform their HR Processes both domestically and abroad.

I spent 11 years in an industry that is based entirely on corporate services and I saw there was an unfilled need to help young professionals. In the industry of Corporate service, we have Professional Management Consultants for companies, we have wonderful Career Coaches for executives, but we don’t have Career Mentors or advisors for young professionals. Managers find it hard to understand their millennial workforce, companies are challenged to retain this group and there is a mistaken notion that neither generation is willing to take the time to understand the other.

At TMM, I work with young professionals on writing out their personal career story and how that translates to their resumes, the jobs they seek, their interview skills, and, most importantly, the on-the-job performance. I have worked with multiple people making career transitions or shifting industries and I teach them how to translate their unique skillset into the required skills for their target job. I also work to prepare our young professionals to navigate and succeed in today’s modern workforce & understand how they can learn from others with more experience.

Millennials are the largest generation in today’s workforce and we are not all in the workforce yet. Based on the numbers alone, we are going to be the leaders of the future and we have the ability, and responsibility, to create positive change.

Angela holds a BA in Psychology, an MBA in International Business and an MA in Organizational Management & Commercial Diplomacy.  She has 11 years of experience as a Professional HR Consultant, specializing in the area of Global HR Transformation. Most importantly, Angela is a Millennial herself!  She is considered, in all aspects, a successful professional and her passion is to help others achieve the same level of success by sharing the lessons she has learned along the way.


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