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Sawyer Yards Fall Biannual Art Stroll Offers Intimate Glimpse at Houston’s Best Fine Art

October 6 event allows the public to meet new artists, learn about their creative process and see them as they work in a casual, yet energetic setting.

Presented by Sawyer Yards September 26, 2018

The Fall Biannual allows patrons to experience an artist and their work up close and personal.

Houston is a city in love with art. From world-class museums to top-tier performing arts groups, there’s a cultural offering at your fingertips on any given day. What sets Houston’s art scene apart from other cities is the ability to go beyond the walls of museums and galleries and interact with local artists face-to-face.

When the nearly 350 artists at Sawyer Yards open their studio doors on October 6 for their Fall Biannual Art Stroll, they offer more than just glancing at artwork on the walls. You’ll often see the artists themselves working in their studios, whether it’s a jeweler hammering away at a bracelet or a painter absorbing the energy of the event to put the finishing touches on a piece. Purchasing artwork is about a personal connection to the piece or the artist themselves and the Fall Biannual opens the door to deeper conversations about artistic process and inspiration.

Each building at Sawyer Yards has tenant artwork hung throughout, giving patrons a preview of what they’ll find.

Maybe you’ve never been to Sawyer Yards or you’ve only visited a few buildings, so keep this article close when planning your trip. Here’s how to make the most out of exploring one of the nation’s largest working creative communities.

  • There are six studio buildings filled with art! Silver Street Studios, The Silos at Sawyer Yards, Winter Street Studios and Summer Street Studios are located on the main yard, but it’s important to not forget the studios a few blocks to the north – Sabine Street Studios and Spring Street Studios – for continued art shopping. Look for designated shuttle stops throughout the campus for ease in getting around. A handy map will help guide you.
  • Uber or Lyft is a good idea. The Fall Biannual is a popular event, so remove the stress of finding a place to park by using a ride-share option. This also allows you to enjoy a guilt-free beer at nearby Holler Brewery after the event!
  • Talk to the artists! If you have a question about a certain piece or want to know more about an artist’s work, don’t hesitate to ask. If you find an artist you love, always sign up for their email newsletter or take a business card with you so you can easily find your way back during Second Saturday.

Silver Street artist Janavi Folmsbee’s live painting demonstration during a Sawyer Yards open studio event.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the art-buying world, remember that Sawyer Yards has lots to offer, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, glass, mosaic, photography, mixed media or jewelry. The level of art you’ll find during the Fall Biannual is often gallery-worthy, with notable artists like Kathy Drago who won 1st place at the 2017 Lawndale “Big Show” or Silver Street artist Janavi Folmsbee who has several murals and billboards around town and is the 2019 Chevron Houston Marathon featured artist. 

Stroll each building at Sawyer Yards to meet new artists, learn about their work and add a piece to your collection.

Be sure to drop your name and email into one of the register-to-win boxes at each building for the opportunity to win a $500 certificate to use at a Sawyer Yards art studio in the coming months!

Click here for more information and to preview artwork available at the Fall Biannual.