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Learning the Importance of Service Early

Students at The Regis School of the Sacred Heart prioritize service and charity at school.

Presented by The Regis School November 30, 2018

“When you’re a little kid, you always think about the future,” wrote Edward D., a 5th grade student at The Regis School of the Sacred Heart. “In my future, I want to help just like [we did at] the Houston Food Bank. I liked going to the food bank for the first time, and I don’t think it’ll be the last!”

Every school year, Regis students complete social awareness projects to help those in need. The Regis School of the Sacred Heart is Houston’s only all-boys 3 Pre-K through 8th grade school. As a Sacred Heart school, the Five Sacred Heart Goals of faith, intellect, service, community and maturity are the bedrock of a Regis student’s education. Conducting service drives or participating in projects throughout pre-school, elementary, and middle school creates a lifelong love of service and charity. Goal III, service, is a favorite among Regis boys. 

“If we can instill a love of service in our boys during their time as a Regis student, we are providing them with a lifelong gift. It is a privilege to accompany Regis boys on their journey as they realize they can be a force for change in our world. Our mission calls for boys to serve others and put their empathic hearts into action,” said Dennis Phillips, Regis Head of School.

In the fall and spring, 3rd grade through 8th grade students board buses and venture out into the greater Houston community for service projects, and the Pre-K through Kindergarten students conduct service drives on campus. This November, students visited the Houston Food Bank, The Beacon, Emergency Aid Coalition, and Brookdale Memorial Oaks Senior Living Community, and collected pet supplies for K-9 Angels Rescue, and bibles and toiletries for Star of Hope.

8th grade student Alex F. visited The Beacon, a non-profit organization that serves the Houston homeless community, and helped prepare lunch in the kitchen. “I got to learn something new and help people who were in desperate need of our help. I think that it is important that we listen and talk to these people because on the street most people don’t have someone to talk to,” said Alex.

“My favorite part of our service project was when a homeless man came up to me and his hands were freezing, so I gave him my gloves,” wrote Aidan G. Serving at The Beacon was an eye opening experience for Regis’ 8th grade students, and all said they want to go back to help the homeless in the spring.

In 2nd grade, dividing up supplies for the Star of Hope toiletry drive turned into an opportunity to practice important math skills too. The students sorted the toiletries and counted quantities of each item so they could fill shoe boxes with a complete set of necessities. 2nd grade collected 117 razors, 126 toothbrushes, 96 tubes of toothpaste, 68 sticks of deodorant, 670 cotton balls, and much more!

Social awareness projects at Regis are about more than just service—they also provide an opportunity for community building among students. “My favorite thing [at the food bank] was having the chance to help out, but especially, I liked to help the friend who couldn’t reach the bottom of the boxes. Sometimes the smallest help can go a great way… All of us contributed a little or pitched in a little and that helped many people in need,” said 6th grade student Austin M.

In just four hours of service, Regis 5th and 6th grade students helped to organize food for 16,000 people. “I wish we had more time because we would have gotten a lot more done. If we had more time, there could be many more families with more than enough food and drinks tonight,” said 6th grade student Finney H.

Regis students and their families continue the Sacred Heart mission of service outside of school hours and volunteer at different organizations throughout the city during the year too. Over Thanksgiving break, Regis middle school students utilized their time off to volunteer at the East Spring Branch Food Pantry to provide Thanksgiving dinner to more than 1,200 families. 

To learn more about how your son can become a scholar and gentlemen in the Sacred Heart tradition and how you can join the Regis community, visit www.theREGISschool.org.