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Making a Fun 2020 Halloween

Replace the trick-or-treating with some ghoulish good times at home.

Presented by Baxter Graham Design September 14, 2020

A piñata, paper pumpkins, and an array of other creative ideas can help make a trick-or-treatless Halloween spooky sweet.

We here at Baxter Graham Design were brainstorming what to do this year with our kids for one of our favorite holidays: Halloween. Usually, we would go trick-or-treating together as a family. But this year, with all that is going on, we decided to find another way to make things fun while staying safe inside.

Here are five simple ideas we and the kids thought would help make for a fun and festive holiday without knocking on neighborhood doors.

Paper pumpkins make easy-to-craft receptacles for an indoor treasure hunt.

  • Have a pumpkin treasure hunt. Paper pumpkins are super easy to make. Put a little candy, a toy, or any treat inside, and hide them around the house. Make a treasure map for the kids to follow (add clues or trivia for the older kids), and watch the fun!
  • Being Latin, we immediately all said, “A piñata!”. A seasonal, candy-filled piñata makes a sweet alternative to trick-or-treating.

DIY tombstone cupcake toppers are reborn as part of this silly cemetery.

  • Decorate together—either the house, cookies, or cupcakes. We created a silly cemetery with our DIY tombstone cupcake toppers.
  • Movie night! Our seasonal favorites are Hocus Pocus, Goosebumps, and The Halloween Tree, but there are great fright-night options for any age.
  • Put together a few Halloween books to read at the end of the night for some spooky fun. We love Creepy Carrots.

We hope these tips get your creative side thinking. And if you are looking for some cute, fun Halloween décor to add a little flair to the festivities, feel free to visit our website at baxtergraham.com. Happy Halloween!

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