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5 Reasons Parents Love Camp Olympia

Summer camp offers kids the chance to have fun, make new friends and enjoy their summer vacation, but Camp Olympia takes summer fun and personal growth to the next level.

Presented by Camp Olympia February 18, 2021

At Camp Olympia's beautiful lakeside facility, campers can participate in a range of activities, from horseback riding and archery to wakeboarding and golf, all with flexibility unlike any other camp. With one, two, and three week sessions and over 45 activity choices, Camp Olympia is the ultimate overnight camp experience for boys and girls ages 6-16. Here’s why parents all over the world love Camp O:

1. Friendship

It’s no secret that one of the main reasons camp is the highlight of every child’s summer is because of camp friendships. At Camp Olympia, they can meet new people from countries all over the world, creating a global network that lasts. Peg, from Houston, says, “When a child comes home saying it felt like they knew their cabin mates forever, then you know you have a good thing going.” Camp is a transformative experience for all campers, and friendships are key.

Camp Olympia creates an environment where kindness and encouragement are central values.  Campers feel they can be themselves, and as a result, they make deep and lasting connections with others.  

2. Flexibility

The Camp Olympia staff and directors have mastered the art of flexibility, making camp easy to fit into even the busiest summer schedule. With one, two, and three week sessions throughout the summer from May to August, finding the perfect session for your camper is no problem. 

At most camps, campers are assigned activities, but at Camp O they have the ability to choose their favorites. From these choices, camp builds a personalized activity schedule for each camper. With over 45 choices, campers are always encouraged to choose activities they know they already love, but also try something new!

As a bonus, in addition to just regular summer camp, Camp Olympia also has special programs to further customize your camp experience.

First-time campers ages 6-9 can test the waters of camp in a session designed specifically for them! SPARK Week is made for first-time campers ages 6-9 and is the perfect introduction to sleepaway camp.

The young golfer of the family will love the Junior Golf Academy at Camp Olympia which blends superb golf instruction with the fun of summer camp. Junior golfers will take lessons and play the course at the beautiful Whispering Pines Golf Club, a top-ranked course in Texas. 

“It’s so wonderful to know you are sending your kids to a place that really understands kids, has their best interests at heart, and provides them with a fun and growing experience.” —Pamela; from Chicago, Illinois

3. Parent Communication

It’s important to feel connected to your kids, even while they’re at camp. That’s why Camp Olympia’s efforts to keep parents involved are so remarkable! The camp writes a daily update to keep parents informed and places over 100 pictures online each day in a password protected area so parents can see their children’s faces even from afar. You're able to follow the fun while they're able to unplug and be kids. 

“I also wanted to let you know how reassuring the photos were each day. The volume of photos made sure that we saw a picture of each child at least once a day” — A Camp Olympia Parent

4. Quality Counselors

Camp Olympia has one of the largest year-round management and support staffs in the United States who spend extensive time preparing for camp. Camp Olympia’s network of counselors come from all over the country, recruited from college campuses and extensively trained prior to campers' arrival to provide the best possible camp experience. In addition, counselors are able to provide individualized support and mentorship thanks to a 1:4 counselor to camper ratio, ensuring that your camper is growing in mind and spirit while away at camp.

“We all appreciate the light-hearted, nurturing atmosphere at camp and the quality of the counselors that you put together each year who do such an amazing job accompanying them at camp.” — Corrine; Neuilly, France

5. Community

Even though camp comes to an end in August when school starts back up, the tradition lives on! Camp Olympia has events throughout the year including parent/child weekends and parties to Merit Parties throughout Texas to bring friends back together and provide parents the opportunity to experience camp. 

Camp Olympia is nestled in the Pineywoods of East Texas on the shores of Lake Livingston, just 95 miles north of Houston, TX. With over 50 years of historic tradition, Camp Olympia is an expert at creating lasting summer memories for campers and families. Be a part of something special this summer and register for a session.    

723 Olympia Drive, Trinity, Texas 75862

Phone: 936.594.2541

Email: [email protected]