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Experience Houston Like Never Before

Want to visit an amusement park, try go karting, or visit dozens of other venues for free?

Presented by Get Out Pass May 14, 2021

Are you tired of spending a ton of money? 

We’re tired for you. That’s literally why we created a business to help everyday people keep more money in their pockets and still enjoy the world around them. We’re the GetOutPass, and we’re happy to announce our coming to Houston and to the wonderful Houston people. Let me explain what we do:

We are a fun-pass that gets our passholders free access to some of the best venues in the area. We believe that people should be having fun—and having fun shouldn’t be expensive. We work with the best venues. That’s why we went out and signed Kemah Boardwalk, Pleasure Pier, Typhoon Texas, Downtown Aquarium, the Houston Museum of natural science, and dozens more onto the Houston GetOutPass. 

Have you ever wanted to try an activity but couldn’t seem to get yourself to go? Probably because that first visit is hard on the wallet, and that makes it tough to really want to try new things. 

Our founder had an experience like this that led him to creating the business. He and his family of four wanted to get out of the house and go do something they never had before: indoor rock-climbing. Why not? People seem to enjoy it. There’s a few places next to where he lives. Why shouldn’t he and his family try and enjoy something new for a change?

Well, the cost was one thing that dampened his spirits. To get a family of four into a certain rock-climbing venue, with the added cost of the rental gear and instructions, the total was well over $200. Then, there was the fear that his family wouldn’t even like rock-climbing! He would have had to spend this hard-earned money for an activity that his kids may not even enjoy. I’m sure many of you have had these experiences with yourself, your friends or your family. 

This frustrating experience would later result in him creating the GetOutPass. 

Our founder created a way for anyone to enjoy the variety of awesome activities in their city without worrying about the stress of spending money at every visit. This model not only works for the consumer, but it works for the many businesses in and around Houston. 

For example, you yourself may never consider trying axe throwing. It’s a different, somewhat random activity to do on a Friday night, and there simply might be a bunch of other things you’d think to do instead. What if, however, your visit was free? This would inspire you a little more to try something you never have before—because there’s nothing to worry about! There’s no worrying about money or where to find an axe throwing place or planning your night or anything. We take care of everything for you. 

And the fun thing? These businesses on the pass benefit from your visit. Without someone else covering the cost, you might not have tried axe throwing ever! Not only axe throwing, but perhaps you’d never try go-karting or bowling. The GetOutPass gives you, your friends and your family the opportunity to discover activities you didn’t yet know you loved at places you didn’t know existed. Everyone wins! 

On the Houston GetOutPass, you’ll find amusement parks, water parks, aquariums, museums, go karts, escape rooms, bowling alleys, axe throwing, archery, trampoline parks, art studios, sport rentals, coding classes, paintball, entertainment centers, batting cages, and more! 

What are you waiting for? Get out and have a blast on the GetOutPass!