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Why Spring Branch? It Keeps Springing into a Fresh Future

As always for the last few years, Spring Branch is springing forward this spring.

Presented by Spring Branch May 20, 2021

As always for the last few years, Spring Branch is springing forward this spring. Let us count the ways — in the number of new housing units and in household spending, for instance. And yes, in its number of gigantic new farmer’s markets.

Spring Branch, with its easy access to downtown Houston, the Galleria, the Energy Corridor and several centers of activity between, now contains 61 new, active single-family subdivisions, with more subdivisions and master planned communities being built in the very near future.

In 2020, Spring Branch households were reported to spend an impressive $2 billion per year on retail goods and services. And the dollar amount appears to be climbing as many more new businesses spring to life on the area’s commercial corridors, such as Gessner, Blalock, Campbell, Wirt and Long Point roads. 

Spring Branch added 22,732 new consumers in the last decade, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, with a total population of more 143,000 people.  More people now live in Spring Branch than in Sugar Land, Beaumont or Waco.

More than 2,000 Spring Branch businesses report annual sales volumes of $250K to $2.5M and hundreds of other businesses range higher, some over $550M.

But Spring Branch is holding on to its small town roots, with 87 percent of its businesses classified as small businesses that rely on regular customers. Fun fact as the weather gets warmer: Spring Branch contains at least 18 stores selling ice cream and/or other frozen treats.

Along Long Point Road in Spring Branch, high-end restaurants are now part of the commercial mix along with mom-and-pop eateries. And they are newly joined by two of the biggest weekend farmer’s markets in Houston: The Spring Branch Farmers Market at 7202 Long Point and the Spring Branch Village Farmer’s Market at 8141 Long Point. 

Founded by German settlers in the early 1800s, Spring Branch continues to burst with cultural and ethnic diversity on the business and residential fronts, led by Hispanic and Asian-American influences and reflecting the entire Houston area.

Added to the mix are distinguished public and private schools, expanded mass transit, increasing property values and the Spring Branch Management District’s public safety, graffiti abatement, litter removal, public art and hike-and-bike trail programs.

No wonder Spring Branch is uniquely positioned as a great place to live, play and do business.

For more information about the thriving Spring Branch community contact Lance Dean, [email protected] or Josh Hawes, [email protected].