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The Charcuterie Trend Isn't Going Anywhere—Learn to Make Your Own

A free virtual event presented by Water Grow Initiative.

Presented by Texas Corn Producers September 1, 2021

The Problem
You’ve done your planning to host those you love (and maybe want to impress a little) at your house. You carefully thought through a menu with all the bells and whistles. At the store, you carefully selected ingredients to make that meal – trying to make the “right” choices, but equally confused at the depth of the labels and all the extra logos touted by the marketers. In the end, you still felt okay about what made it in your cart.

Now, your evening guests are set to arrive in 15 minutes. Meat’s on the grill. Side’s in the oven. Seasoning’s on the stove. Table’s only half set. Dishes are piling up in the sink and on the counter. Have you gotten dressed and ready? Did someone hide the toddler’s toys in the closet yet? Just how will this all be achieved without the host doing entertainers’ juggling worthy of an Olympic medal?

The Solution
Hosting an evening with family or friends doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task with endless planning and hustling.

Enter: Charcuterie… It’s more than a fancy French word for an adult Lunchable.

An elegant charcuterie board offers the variety of a multi-course meal, but without the frenzied last-minute hassle. Now you can learn to make one yourself, and rest assured that you’re providing quality food for your guests.

A charcuterie lets you as the host make your board well in advance, so you simply pull out your board and make a few finishing touches – voila! You’re ready to entertain, and have plenty of time to spare to stash away your partner’s dirty socks.

How to Charcuterie
A well-made charcuterie is comprised of interesting foods: meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, condiments and more – while coming together in a way that’s aesthetically a work of art.

How can you create this European-inspired culinary art with local, sustainably-grown ingredients? Where do you start? The idea is simple, but creating a charcuterie can sound like a daunting task to the inexperienced.

Now’s your chance to learn the basics and meet the farmers behind your food! Join celebrity chef and former NFL player Eddie Jackson for Conservation Charcuterie. You can participate in this FREE virtual event Thursday, Sept. 16 at 6 p.m. from the comfort of your home.

Eddie will work alongside charcuterie artist Dana Anthony with Occasionally Board to walk you through the steps to build a beautiful board. While you learn to build the board, you’ll meet actual Texas farmers from across the state and hear what goes into growing the quality food you enjoy every day. You’ll walk away with a charcuterie board that’s the conversation piece your guests will be raving about!

Learn more about this event and REGISTER TODAY to secure your spot in this exclusive event - and make your next evening of entertaining a breeze!

This virtual experience is hosted by the Water Grows Initiative. This effort is a partnership of Texas Corn Producers (TCP) with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Ser­vice (NRCS) in Texas, which works to share how farmers are actively working to conserve our natural resources, through a variety of ways. Learn more at WaterGrows.org or following @WaterGrows on your favorite social platform.