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Bandera, Texas

The Cowboy Capital.

Presented by Bandera, Texas October 29, 2021

No matter where you live, at the first hints of fall’s cooler temperatures and shorter days, most folks reach into the closet to pull out that favorite well-worn jacket and embrace the change of season.  Just as the saying, “Spring Forward, Fall Back”, goes we yearn for the simple pleasures of life.

So, throw your jacket over your shoulders and head to the Texas Hill Country. Unencumbered by the frenetic pace of dense cityscapes and freeway driving, Bandera, the Cowboy Capital of the World, is the perfect place to find those simpler pleasures. Bandera’s more authentic pace appears as magical.  Entering Bandera, the cool, clean crisp air envelops you. You exhale your stress away as you wrap your jacket around you.  No matter where you stay, a secluded cabin, dude ranch, or in town, simply sit a spell. Let the warm colors of the leaves wash over you as day fades into night. Gaze toward the sky and see the Milky Way as never before. When you turn in for the night, the magic has grabbed you.

Awaken to the vibrant colors of leaves glistening in the sunshine.  Sip your coffee, hot chocolate, or your favorite pumpkin spice flavored beverage.  Know the day is yours to seize.  Maybe it’s a day to track the course of the rivers and streams by following the copper-topped cypress trees on your favorite steed – chrome, perhaps - and simply enjoy the ride.  Maybe it’s a day to hike up to the hilltop, scattering leaves with your boots and appreciating the subtleties of Mother Nature along the way.  Maybe it’s a day to find that one-of-a- kind elusive treasure in Bandera’s hometown shops. No matter what you choose to do remember to have your jacket handy.  We all know Texas weather can change quickly.

Late afternoon, relax and watch the deer graze and the birds flutter.  Ponder how to spend the evening.  No need to stress.  Maybe it’s settling in around the glowing embers of a campfire.  Maybe it’s pulling out the telescope or binoculars to view the stars closer.  Maybe it’s enjoying Bandera’s nightlife and dancing the night way.  No matter your choice, when you finally turn in for the evening, you’ll drift off to a peaceful sleep recalling the sights and sounds of the day.

There is a tinge of dread as you awaken.  It’s time to make the trek back home.  You resolve not to lose that sense of magic you found in Bandera. And you resolve to grab that jacket and head back to Bandera again and again to enjoy life’s simpler pleasures.