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Houstonians Are Stepping Up To Join a Philanthropic Group with a Simple Mission – Healthier Children and Women

Perhaps you’ve heard about Ambassadors for Texas Children’s Hospital.

Presented by Texas Children’s Hospital February 23, 2022

Perhaps you’ve heard about Ambassadors for Texas Children’s Hospital. It’s one of the most respected and influential philanthropic groups in Houston.

Ambassadors, founded in 2011, is comprised of civic-minded people who have one important mission—raising money to expand health education, care and research for children and women.

More than a decade since its creation, the group continues to grow and has been so successful that it’s actively campaigning for more people to support its mission.

“We need you.” is the Spring 2022 Ambassadors campaign and so far it’s sending a ripple across the city. Those who want to rally around the group’s core values of compassion, philanthropy and advocacy are welcome to join.

The funding raised from this year’s campaign will support the Texas Children’s Center for Vaccine Development, co-chaired by Dr. Peter Hotez and Dr. Elena Bottazzi. These funds will go toward their team’s work to develop highly-effective and low-cost vaccines, including the newly approved CORBEVAX vaccine, which is set to first be deployed in India. Other underserved countries will follow.

Beyond the group’s strong mission are some perks that are hard to beat.

Ambassadors have the opportunity to attend exclusive, educational and social events to learn more about the patients they serve. This includes virtual gatherings like Ambassadors On Call, which features special guest lecturers and renowned health experts. These sessions provide insight into some of our most exciting discoveries and most innovative care models.

One of the most talked about events of the year is Family Fun Day. This annual "party with a purpose" is a family-focused event where Ambassadors celebrate their work on behalf of Texas Children's. The day is filled with unique activities and lots of opportunities to meet new friends and spend time with old ones. To teach the next generation about philanthropy, the price of admission is one donated book.

And finally, to close out the year, Ambassadors celebrate the holidays in grand fashion with dinner, drinks, and a check presentation to Texas Children’s.  

One last perk is worth mentioning. Those who join also have access to the Texas Children’s navigation line, which provides assistance with referrals and appointments—an invaluable resource for families.

For more information about becoming an Ambassador, visit texaschildrens.org/ambassadors or call 832-824-6900.