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Bandera, Texas

Pay a visit to the Cowboy Capital.

Presented by Bandera, Texas March 1, 2022

Need to hit the refresh button, turn off the chatter, clear the screen, and create lasting memories? Then it’s time to hit the road to Bandera, Texas, Cowboy Capital of the World.

As you near Bandera the rugged beauty of the Texas Hill Country surrounds you. Vistas open up as far as the eye can see, and you catch yourself making a game up by trying to name the clouds that dot the skyline. Whew, the chatter slows, and the refresh begins.

Whether you choose the cowboy lifestyle at an area dude ranch complete with home cooked meals and horseback riding; settle into your own piece of the hill country at one of the many cabins and houses dotting the countryside; or stay in Bandera proper, you’ll experience an “A ha” moment. The stress of the everyday “digital” life fades into the background as your “natural senses” awaken and the “real world” emerges.

Your imagination begins to roam. Wander the Frontier Times Museum and imagine yourself as J. Marvin Hunter amassing the eclectic collection. Take a walk with the dinosaurs at the Bandera Natural History Museum. Strike up a conversation with local shopkeeps. Get outside and hike the countryside, horseback ride, bird watch, fossil hunt or simply read a book. At nightfall, gaze up at the stars, sit around a campfire, make s’mores or dance the night away. 

There are no wrong choices. When it’s time to go, you’ll realize the sunrises and sunsets alone were worth the trip and you’ll already be planning your next visit.

Phone: 830-796-3045