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Financial Forecasting and CFO Services

Cerboni Financial and Accounting Services offers CFO Service to Restaurants.

Presented by Cerboni Services May 3, 2022

Partnering with a professional accounting firm that specializes in the restaurant and hospitality industry is essential when owning and operating a restaurant. Cerboni Financial Services plans and implements cost-saving and investment strategies to help restaurant groups grow their business and make smart financial decisions.

Cerboni offers a CFO Service with the primary goal of helping restauranteurs make the most beneficial financial decisions for their business. A key service a CFO provides is creating a financial forecast to utilize when estimating projected revenue and expenses of a business. Financial forecasting plays a critical role in helping restaurateurs establish a strong budget and making wise financial decisions.

The CFO Service provided to restaurant owners by Cerboni Accounting and Financial Services consists of:

  • Organization and analysis of current and previous financials
  • Short and long-term planning for external impacts
  • Short and long-term planning for internal impacts
  • Financial reviews
  • In-depth quarterly financial meetings
  • Assistance with financial decision making

Do you have a profitability projection goal?

Has your profitability projection been off by hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Creating financial projections is very important and a good CFO should guide your company to reach the profitability goals based on these projections. By generating weekly and monthly financial reports, having quarterly meetings and clearly written budgets allows Cerboni Services to provide guidance on how to close the gap to successfully reach the goals and projections for your business.

About Cerboni Services: Cerboni is an accounting and financial firm specialized in the restaurant industry. Through streamlined services such as back-office management, inventory management, financial forecasting and reporting, strategic financial planning and much more, the firm provides valuable and industry-specific operational knowledge for clients, saving them time and money. The Cerboni team has developed and implements highly focused accounting systems to relieve the burden for business owners, managers and more, allowing clients to focus on building their business and chasing their passion. For more information, visit cerboniservices.com or follow-on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.