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DBS Living: Fitness Apparel Made for Courage

Premium men’s and women’s apparel for adventure and style that’s Made Better, Made Bold, and Made for Courage.

Presented by DBS Living December 15, 2022


The DBS brand is committed to inspiring and building a community of bold people with apparel that’s designed equally as bold as those who wear it. We know that what you wear isn’t what makes you bold. Only you can choose to be bold. The DBS community is all about inspiring you to go beyond. So we decided your bold life should be paired with bold apparel. While you’ll find neutral staples in our collection, we’ve gone away from bland and boring and crafted. Our premium line-up of performance clothing using vibrant colors that stand out from the rest. Our made bold promise is a commitment to be a community that isn’t afraid to make bold decisions and wear clothing that breaks the mundane.

So, whether you’re running the trails, playing tennis, golfing, at the beach, doing yoga, chasing your kids around the house, or chasing another adventure – do it with courage. And do it wearing apparel that’s Made Better, Made Bold, and Made for Courage.


Our Story: 
DBS or “Don’t Be Scared” came from a pinki shake (and a love of acronyms) from two friends, one of whom, created this brand as his DBS moment! Starting a company, being an entrepreneur, was a dream for Larry Leonard, co-founder of DBS. Now, co-founders, Houstonians, Sukaina Rajani (of Macaron by Patisse) and Larry Leonard retired from corporate America, have created an inspirational brand meant to be worn for courage in the fitness apparel space!

Larry is known for his zest for life and charisma while always using acronyms and Sukaina well known for her local Houston business, Macaron by Patisse as well as appearances on Tilman Fertita’s Billion Dollar Buyer. These two, neighbors, would joke and brainstorm frequently about ways to make the world a better place, create business opportunities, as well as come together in a meaningful way (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic) to impact the world. Larry, coming from Corporate America, would always lovingly make light of the fact that his former employer used acronyms for everyday communication at work. Most things at his place of work were outlined in various forms of XYZ, and ABC’s which would all too soon become his calling card for DBS!


Whether he was out for a drink, walking with friends, running, or leisurely socializing and encouraging friends, Larry would be known to say, “DBS,” or “Don’t Be Scared” until finally, it became the catalyst between him and neighbor Sukaina Rajani for starting this new apparel line. After a few conversations and watching how people gravitated towards the slogan, DBS, Sukaina and Larry decided to take the slogan a step further and create a fitness apparel brand where they felt that the message of not living in fear would resonate strongly with the world at large.

Through hard work and determination, they found the right materials, creative directors, fulfillment centers, created a team, and built a business, now officially launched in November of 2022.


The line features activewear for both men and women. DBS is made of premium materials in vibrant colors. The line currently consists of cropped t-shirts, bra tops, bike shorts, caps, leggings for women and t-shirts, and lined shorts for men with more exciting options coming in the future. 

It is Larry and Sukaina’s hope that every time someone wears DBS apparel, they will be inspired to BE BRAVE, have COURAGE, and share their story and inspiration with those around them!

Catch the DBS wave, and wear the apparel, MADE FOR COURAGE!

DBS is available for purchase online at www.dbsliving.com

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