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Get Dressed Without My Smartphone? As If!

A New App for the Ensembly-Challenged

By Magda Rucinski March 27, 2013


MyDrobe approved?

There's a scene in 1995 teen comedy classic Clueless where bubbly heroine Cher picks out her outfit with the aid of a computer program. When an outfit that she chooses from her wardrobe fails to make fashion sense, the screen blinks back with the dispiriting message "Mis-match!"

If you've seen it, you've probably thought it: why doesn't something like that already exist? Well, fashionistas (and fashionistos), it's back to the future with MyDrobe, a new app that helps you pick outfits based on what's already in your closet. While the app can help match outfits from clothes you own, the application also works like Pinterest, allowing the user to conceptualize outfits based on clothes and accessories that you want. When you browse clothes in the Shop category, you can click "Own," "Buy," or "Lust," and add those items to your lists. Unfortunately you'll have to do your own style-searching with that vintage lace blouse in your closet, as MyDrobe is more geared towards the designer items in your wardrobe. 

Still in beta, the app is the brain child of two Georgetown alumni, Kathryn Zambetti and Julia Wetherell, friends and fashion-lovers who wanted to bring Clueless's material girl experience to modern day. Consider it just one more piece of evidence that the '90s revival is for real.  




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