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Welcome to Shop Talk

Who we are and why we're here

By Kerry H. March 21, 2013


Welcome to Shop Talk, Houstonia. Our crack team of shopping reporters is here to show off some Clutch City street style (because there is such a thing), introduce you to Houston's best boutiques, dig around for spring trends, and report from fashion events large and small. We'll keep you up to date on everything from fashion week to trunk shows to sample sales. We'll also be in conversation with the city's growing community of designers, stylists, and fashion bloggers. So who are we?

  • Tricia Gilbride grew up primarily in Houston, where she first became interested in fashion as a teenager looking to strike the perfect balance between '60s movie star and '70s punk rocker in her own wardrobe, which never quite happened for her.  She enjoys documenting her interest in art, design, and pop culture on her blog and has unapologetic enthusiasm for the personal style of Kristen Stewart. 
  • A former Houston Chronicle reporter with an eye for detail, Peter Holley is always on the prowl for unique style and good stories. He has had the pleasure of writing about travel, crime, sports, and suicide bombings. He is also sucker for vintage watches, classic denim, freshly-pressed Hamilton Shirts, and old school barbers who know how to wield a blade.
  • Magda Rucinski was born in the wilds of Canada, but as the saying goes she came to Texas as soon as she could, and considers Houston her hometown. Ever a fan of street style and fashion, she cut her teeth on fashion blogging during a brief stay in Montreal during the winter of '11, and has been hopelessly addicted ever since. Her favorite style icon waffles between interminable laziness and street style goddess Miroslava Duma.

This week we'll have an interview with a visiting designer, an update on some heavenly trends in jewelry, the run-down on a hyped new Clueless-inspired smartphone app, and lots more. 

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