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Summer Makeovers at Sam and Lilli

How to bronze and braid your way through the season.

By Erika Vazquez June 28, 2013

Fishtail braid

"Braids are really coming back for summer," Gardenia Fernandez told me yesterday evening, as her nimble fingers struggled to untangle my hair. Fernandez, a braiding expert from Craft Salon, was manning the braid bar at Sam and Lilli's Sweet Summertime Event, which also featured a bronzing station, champagne corner, and—not to worry—legitimate bar.

It took Fernandez a whopping five minutes to give me a perfect waterfall braid. She also suggested a way to get a classic summer beach do without salon help. With hair that hasn’t been washed since the day before, wrap small pieces of hair around a curling iron—clamp not necessary. You should then rub your fingers through your hair in different directions to achieve the desired summer look.

Side braid in the works

To complete my summer makeover, I headed to the bronzing station. Eliy Bell, head makeup artist from Craft Salon, sculpted my face and gave me tips for applying bronzer. Bell says bronzer is “your go to for the summertime. It gives you a natural glow, it gives you color when you don’t want to do the blushy cheeky look, and it helps you sculpt the face and attract natural light in a great kind of way.”

She taught me the E3 method for bronzed perfection. “You literally apply an E on one side so it’s above the temple, underneath the cheek, and then along the jaw line. That creates an E on one side and then it creates a 3 on the other side.” She also suggests blending coral or berry colored blush into the bronzer for a complete summer glow.

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