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Bro Concept

The most important room in a man's house is often where he puts the least amount of thought.

By Peter Holley July 24, 2013

Dear Bros:

As many women can attest, few spaces are more frightening than a bachelor-esque bedroom. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about: harsh lighting, sterile white paint, a hand-me-down mattress and the dank smell of delayed adulthood.

But it doesn't take much to turn the least appealing space in your home into a personal sanctuary. To help you in that effort, I took the liberty of browsing BoConcept's new 2014 collection, which launches September 1. I've included a few of my favorite pieces (and accessories), foremost among them the new Hamilton Chair, which beautifully marries 1960s style with the uncomplicated aesthetic we've come to expect from the descendants of the Vikings. Enjoy!




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