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Drybar Lands in Uptown Park

Take a dip in the blowout-only salon and come away covered in waves.

By Kerry H. September 16, 2013

It's something of a surprise that Drybar took so long to get here. Houston is not a place that lacks for wealthy, style-conscious women with leisure time and a taste for white wine, which is complimentary with each blowout. It is not a place that will regard a $35 blowout—no cuts or color here—as extravagant, or the 40 minutes it takes to get the perfect wave as ill-spent.

1141 Uptown Park Blvd.

And while some of us will cringe at blowout names like "Cosmo-Tai" and "Up-tini," this is a city that will look past questionable appellations to reward straight-up competence.

On Friday, the day Drybar officially opened its 30th location, the Uptown Park salon was packed with women in flip flops and sports bras, embarking on the long process of preparing for a Friday night out. There to help was the bubbly, confident Jessica, a virtuoso of blowing heat.

Ask for Jessica. You'll thank us.

"Your hair has good memory," she told me, which was not a quality I had previously associated with hair, and one I will now consider compensatory for my notably poor actual memory.

Jessica employed a combination of Drybar-branded frizz fighter, oil, and mousse to effect one of Drybar's approved looks; specifically, the Cosmo-Tai, which is among the blowouts available from Drybar's aggressively standardized menu of services.

Some of us will always be too fidgity for 40 minutes of wave-making (even with the sedative effects of complimentary wine), but after a visit to Drybar you're bound to get the appeal: superfluous pampering that results in eight or so hours of piecey, articulated tresses.

The Cosmo-Tai in all its billowing glory.

Or, if you happen to have hair with a first-rate memory, a whole weekend of looking like you know your way around a hair dryer. 

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