Fashion for Fanatics

Moving Past The Jersey

Local clothing line presents fans with an alternative to dressing like a child.

By Peter Holley September 5, 2013

There's nothing that says "I'm unfit to be an adult" louder than a grown man (or woman) wearing a jersey. Unless you're physically planted in a seat at the stadium, yet to graduate from middle school, or laid up in a cancer ward watching your favorite player on TV, nobody should willingly endure the indignity of wearing another person's jersey.

I write this from a desk in Houston, I realize, home to more rabid fanatics rocking jerseys than perhaps any sports town in the country; a place where, so long as its gameday, it's not considered uncouth to wear a jersey to church. 

So how should you express your undying love for local sports teams, you ask? Allow me to present you an alternative: Running Game Clothing Company. Locally owned and operated, RGC offers a series of Houston-themed t-shirts, tank tops and jerseys that you can wear out in public without looking like you should be stripped of your voting rights.

"Running Game is a product of Houston fans and their love for the city and it's sports," says co-founder and designer Travis Drake, adding that the company is an alternative to "the run-of-the-mill team sports apparel often found in today's market."

One of the things I've always despised about jerseys is their price. Pay a billion dollar franchise $250 for a "elite jersey" so I can look like I shouldn't be allowed to reproduce? No thanks. By comparison, RGC apparel tops off around $30 and they've partnered with Chris Myers from the Texans to create a collection called "Trench Life," which benefits charities such as Operation Smile. Their upcoming PinkLife shirts (available online next week) will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Post football season, Drake says, they plan to extend their lines into into baseball, basketball and Houston-themed apparel as well. See the slideshow below for what they have on offer now. 

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