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Coming Home to Biscuit

Bailey McCarthy on her home decor ethos.

By BoJanay Posey December 4, 2013

Bailey McCarthy is not afraid of a little color. She was preaching brightness and whimsy from her blog Peppermint Bliss even before she opened Biscuit, her Upper Kirby boutique, with textile designer Isabel Wilson. ("Biscuit" is an affectionate term for a bed.) Every corner of her shop, down to the rugs and up to the ceilings, is a testament to the idea that freewheeling print-heavy fun, not beige restraint, should rule home decor. As she prepares to move her shop Montrose-ward, we sat down to ask her a few questions about how she got here.

What inspired you to open Biscuit?

McCarthy looking every bit as chipper as her bedding.

When working with design clients, I found that the market was missing high quality, fun, and well-priced bedding. 

Happy Belated One-Year Anniversary! Has the shop changed in the last year?

The store has changed so much! When we started out we just had our bedding line and some basic home decor items like furniture, lamps, and throw pillows. Now we have so many great gifts and accessories for bedding, bar, bath and baby.

What were some of the challenges you've faced?

We have grown so much in the last year that we have had trouble finding space to store all the items we carry! We are moving into a new space in January that will let us continue to expand: 1435 Westheimer Rd. We don't have an exact (opening) date yet.

How does your shop differ from other home good stores?

We focus on high quality items that add a lot of character to one's home. We love color and look for pieces that one will treasure forever. 

Any trends you're noticing in home decor?

People are finally starting to move away from beige and are starting to embrace color. Color reflects one's personality. One's home also reflects one's personality. I doubt anyone really wants their personality described as beige.

What kind of tips can you offer on buying bedding and other home goods?

Invest in quality pieces that will last. In bedding look for a high quality fabric, not thread count.  For example, buy a chair with good bones and it will last you forever; all you will have to do is re-cover it in a new fabric.


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