The store with the best return policy, in our view, is the one that doesn’t feel the need to have a policy. And there’s only one store in the Galleria with a long, proud tradition of living up to that creed-less creed: Nordstrom. 

“We actually don’t have a set return policy,” says a company spokesperson we get on the phone, Kelly Skahan. Intrigued, we decide to press. What if you’ve been wearing the clothes for a while and suddenly decide you’ve made an egregious fashion faux pas?

“Even if you’ve been wearing something a little while, we’re happy to take it back and help you find something that meets your needs,” says Skahan. 

And while Nordy’s take-backs may be legendary,  Macy’s also merits a mention, thanks to its 180-day return policy, not to mention that it lets customers return online orders to bricks-and-mortar stores. 

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