The Norm

Suchu Dance Crew Brings Normcore to Life

It's officially hip to be square.

By Shy Hardiman June 13, 2014

Suchu Dance, an alternative dance and performing arts group that touts “strange, artsy, combustible, and humorous” performances, is presenting a new work this month called The Normal Corporation. It's their creative interpretation of an emerging fashion trend called normcore. Never heard of normcore? You're not alone.

While not a household trend name yet, normcore is a style that resonates with the unfussy, often unkempt, fashions of the '90s. You know, when it was socially acceptable for girls to wear distressed boyfriend jeans, oversized sweaters, and sports sandals (with socks!) all in the same outfit.

While recent years of fashion have been focused on embracing one's uniqueness, normcore is about conformity and blending in with the next set of average joes. We're talking "ultra-conformists," as Urban Dictionary says, or "stylized blandness," which comes from this New York Magazine article

So what does that mean for dance? I'm not really sure, which kind of makes the performances more enticing. Catch one of the five shows, which will be held on June 20, 21, 23, 27, and 28, all at 8 p.m. and all in their new studio at 3480 Ella Blvd. Buying tickets in advance costs $17, but on June 23, the Suchu Dancers are having a “pay what you want” deal. The choreography is by award-winning Suchu Dance founder Jennifer Wood, and featurs dancers Somya Gupta, Anastasiya Kopteva, Sarah Leung, Lena Silva, Jessica Stewart, and Prudence Sun. 

P.S. If you are so inclined, you can take classes at Suchu Dance. Here's the schedule


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