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Finding White Linen for White Linen Night

Because it's be too hot to wear anything else anyway.

By Katie McNew and Emily Donaldson July 24, 2014

Now in its ninth year, White Linen Night in the Heights is just a gold old-fashioned party, which, in the heat of August, is exactly what Houstonians need. As the name suggests, wearing white linen to White Linen Night is prudent, so we sent our crackerjack intern Emily Donaldson out to the shops on 19th Street, the hub of this Height’s festival, in search of its finest white linen duds. Here is what she found: 

Jubilee: The Local Boutique

Part fashion boutique, part home goods store, and part gift shop, Jubilee, a Heights institution that’s been open for 20 years, is prepared for White Linen Night. Its rack of white linen clothes hit shoppers right when they enter the store, and they offer a variety of boho pieces from lacey shawls to flowing blouses and peasant skirts.

Address: 325 W. 19th St.
Phone: 713-869-5885
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm / Sunday 11am-6pm

Retropolis: A Vintage Shopper’s Mecca

Not surprisingly, it was difficult to find purely white linen intact after many years of wear at Retropolis, one of the many vintage stores on 19th. So, after about an hour of searching—what I consider a pretty normal amount of time to browse in a store this expansive and diverse—I came upon the closest match possible: an embroidered cream linen shirt from the 1970s, with colorful details on the neckline and sleeve. And it was only $18. With everyone at the event in such high spirits, who is going to notice?

Address: 321 W. 19th St.
Phone: 713-861-1950
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm / Sunday 12pm – 5pm

Langford Market: The Uprooted Mall Store

Sure, this chain-store-turned-Heights-transplant houses products you’ll find at any one of its six other Houston locations. But will it have a sales staff that’s up-to-snuff on all things White Linen Night? I think not. They were able to pull four different looks together for me within a matter of minutes, including this cute white linen dress with a lace sleeve and hem detail ($69.90).  

Address: 249 W. 19th St.
Phone: 713-880-1515
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-7pm / Friday – Saturday 10am – 7:30 pm / Sunday 11am – 6:30 pm

Casa Ramirez: Traditional Mexican Dealer

While 19th Street is lined with antique stores and boutiques, Casa Ramirez sticks to traditional Mexican folk pieces, and fits right in. Inside, the owners have racks upon racks of traditional Mexican dresses and shirts, so it took little time to spot the ones in white. But if you want to go a step above the low-key embroidered shirt, try this unique dress (pictured), which sell for only $52.

Address: 241 W. 19th St.
Phone Number: 713-880-2420
Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 5pm / Saturday 10am – 6pm / Sunday 11am – 5pm

Sand Dollar: The Thrift Store 

If, by the weekend of White Linen Night, you would rather spend your extra cash on food and beverages at the actual festival than on clothing, you can save money by shopping at the Sand Dollar, a thrift store at 19th and Yale. It’s a big store, so it will take you a little bit of time to find the appropriate garment, but once you do, the price will be more than rewarding. This white linen blouse with blue embroidery detail around the neckline was just $2.40, leaving you plenty to spend on the night’s debauchery.

Address: 1903 Yale St.
Phone Number: 713-923-1461
Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm / Sunday 10am – 7pm

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