Jewelry Goes Skin Deep with Flash Tattoos

Finally, jewelry you won't lose at the bar

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen October 20, 2014

The Sheebani collection by Flash Tattoos, $25 at

Jewelry has always blurred the line between pageantry and practicality. If you're living in a nomadic society or certain parts of New Jersey, for example, there's no better place to keep your wealth than firmly attached to your body, preferably in the form of gold chains.

And yet the same earrings that sparkle under strobe lights also have a habit of disappearing one at a time, leaving you looking like the last Madonna fan still working her "Like a Virgin" look.

A better option might be Flash Tattoos, a new Austin-based product that blends the worlds of jewelry and temporary tattoos to create temporary skin jewelry. Designs in sparkly silver or gold are applied with pressure and warm water and will last on skin for up to six days. 

They'd look great spicing up a Halloween costume, but the temporary tats can also add extra sizzle at the pool, the beach, for Free Press Summer Fest, or even to stand out amongst a sea of Cartier love cuffs at a black tie event. Versions have been spotted on celebs including Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes, and (cue chorus of angels) Beyoncé.

Some of the designs resemble traditional jewelry, with chains and cuff patterns, but others are designed to adorn in places jewelry can't, like on the inner arm, face, or back. Each pack of four sheets some with multiple tattoo designs connected by a common style—Dakota is full of almost as many triangles and geometric patterns as a Ke$ha video, while Sofia calls to mind the exotic allure of flamenco dancers.

The Sheebani collection by Flash Tattoos, $25 at

The latest collection, Sheebani, is inspired by intricate henna patterns, and five percent of proceeds from sales will go to benefit The Miracle Foundation, an Austin-based charity dedicated to making life better for orphans by transforming orphanages into places where children can suceed and thrive.

Flash Tattoos range from $22–$30 per pack, and are available in Houston at Charde Jewelers (5600 Kirby Dr.),  KB Kasuals (2015C West Gray in River Oaks Shopping Center) and Emerson Rose (350 W. 19th St.).




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