Silly or Legit? The Single Earring Trend

Hot or not? It's a matter of perspective.

By Nadia Michel October 6, 2014

This trend is sweeping the nation—well, maybe not the whole nation. Perhaps just a few of us who love fashion a little too much.

Several reputable designers had models strutting down the runway with a single statement earring this season. The concept has discussion boards on fire, as fashion fans debate whether the look is a Do or a Don’t.

Céline’s version is worn completely alone, but some commenters suggest it’s better to add at least a small stud on the other ear, to avoid looking like “you have a few screws loose,” in the words of a colleague. Also, well-meaning people will inform you that you’ve lost an earring—ALL DAY LONG. Unless, of course, you're friends with Céline creative director Phoebe Philo.

And of course, if Philo thinks it’s cool, there's something to it. 

This trend has enough traction that retail giants like Zara have put out their own versions. But when I succumbed and went to purchase my own single earring, I experienced an immediate reality check. The cashier held up the long, geometric, gold-toned earring (à la Vuitton) and the tiny rectangle for the other ear, then asked if I wanted to get another pair, as this one appeared to be damaged. And so, dissuaded by a real-world girl from following this questionable catwalk trend, I ended up returning them.

Is this trend silly or legit? Do you like the single earring?

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