Which Jacket Are You?

Find your best coat.

By Nadia Michel October 13, 2014

Let’s face it: coat-worthy days are limited in Houston. And what we deem coat-worthy is considered patio weather in some other parts of the world. But in the name of fashion, investing in a great jacket every few years (or every winter, if you are like some of us who may or may not be writing this story) makes perfect sense. After all, we all feel a little more comfortable when we love what we’re wearing.

Picking just one coat is tricky. Long or short? Neutral or bright? Worry no more. We’ve made it easy for you. Choose which of these scenarios describes you best, and ta-daa! It will all become crystal clear. Your final selection will be as unique as you are.


Always a step ahead of trends, your interests always seem to be under-the-radar. Your playlist might include Nick Cave and the Bad Seed. You work in a creative environment and shun conservatism.



You are more concerned with the bottom line than keeping up with the latest trends. Your look is elegant and timeless. You like to be taken seriously. 


You love playing with fashion and pretty things. Listening to Katy Perry is your guilty pleasure, and you collect statement necklaces like they’re on an endangered list. Girls' nights are a must in your book. 




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