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Take It To 2015: The Motorcycle Movement

Men's fashion has gone mad for motos.

By Josh Robertson December 16, 2014

Left: Topman leather biker jacket, $300 at Nordstrom; Hudson moto jeans, $320 at Hook Up. Right: Saint Laurent leather biker jacket, $5,450 at Saint Laurent; Balmain regular-fit washed-denim biker jeans, $1,500 at mrporter.com.

The motorcycle look is no longer just for Ducati and Harley enthusiasts—everyone looks cooler in a mean leather jacket, so it’s no wonder we're all channeling our inner biker.

Saint Laurent and Balmain started the influx of biker styles consuming the runway, but the look now has gone mainstream, bringing new life to variations on leather biker jackets that haven’t been this popular since the 80s, when Arnold Schwarzenegger rocked the look in Terminator.

If your pockets aren’t deep enough just yet to spend $3,000 on that sweet Saint Laurent jacket and another $1,500 on some Balmain denim (kudos to you high rollers out there), Topman and Hudson make great alternatives without sacrificing style or fit. It's hard not to be obsessed with the moto-movement this winter, so why not indulge in the madness?

Put one on and be warned: You will to feel like an absolute badass with a desperate need to buy a Harley and ride off into the sunset.



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