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4 Sexy Valentine Scents for Your Guy

The gift of scent is a powerful move in a relationship. Choose wisely.

By Josh Robertson February 5, 2015

Clockwise from top left: Versace Eros, $62-$108 at Macy's; YSL's La Nuit de L'Homme, $54-$125 at Sephora; I Love New York for Marriage Equality by Bond No. 9, $105-$175 at Saks Fifth Avenue; Le Labo Rose 31, $160-$820 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

A recent study from the University of Liverpool suggests there’s more to male fragrances than just smell. Researchers found that spraying a scent makes a man appear more attractive to women, and can intensify or inhibit an already existing relationship. Basically, scent intensifies attraction. It’s all chemistry —and fragrance-makers have it down to a science. 

As Scent of a Woman proves, you should never underestimate the power of smell. (Can I get a hoo-ah!?) You can smell before you taste, and in fact taste is nothing without smell. The power of smell defines some of your most vivid memories of your life.

For Valentine's Day, the gift of scent is a powerful move in a relationship. So before you go and commit the deadly sin of picking out some horrible atrocity that people call cologne (cough, Stetson, cough) for your beau, I implore you to give these four fragrances a try.

Fling Approved: Eros by Versace 

Eros's arrows missed my heart and grazed my flesh, so that I only know lust.  This fragrance is like sex in a bottle, and without a doubt it is very distinct. Eros combines fresh notes of mint, lemon, and apple with wafts of vanilla, cedar wood, and tonka bean. It is the sweet smell of sin!

Night Moves: La Nuit de L'Homme by YSL

There is nothing like the perfect night as two lovebirds cruise around our fair city in search of fun, excitement and whatever else happens. I feel like Saint Laurent has captured that essence and put it in a bottle with La Nuit de L'Homme. The swirling notes of bergamot, cardamom, and cedar will have her burning with desire.

A Colorful Love: I Love New York Marriage Equality by Bond No. 9

I support the idea that love has knows no gender, and the perfumers at Bond  No. 9 capture a colorful scent of a playful, fun love. It’s a unisex fragrance, so it smells great on both men and women. The fragrance is delicate and sensual, balancing on the center of the woody-spicy spectrum. It opens with juicy notes of mandarin and gourmand plum, nutmeg and cinnamon before opening up with a "wedding bouquet" of rose, jasmine and ginger lily.

A Man’s Rose: Le Labo Rose 31 

Much can be said on how rose is such a feminine ingredient in fragrances, but Le Labo has another idea, Rose 31. This particular fragrance was fabricated with the idea of making the iconic feminine “grasse rose” into something more aggressive and vigorous. With the help of notes like cedar and spicy cumin, Rose 31 will compel you to respect the flower's beauty and tenacity— every rose has it's thorn, after all.


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