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Biscuit's in Bloom with New Collection

Check out this pretty pair of patterns, inspired by modern art and color.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen February 20, 2015

The new Bloomsbury bedding at Biscuit Home.

Bailey McCarthy is inspired by color— you can see it in her interior design work, as well as in the latest collection for Biscuit Home.

Biscuit Home
1435 Westheimer Rd.

A year after Biscuit debuted a trio of twee Texas patterns, the latest bedding includes a pair of prints: a dreamy floral called Bloomsbury (in two colors) and Boone, a modern abstract.

"One of the things that our customers really connect with is that our bedding patterns are handpainted in Brooklyn by a textile designer, so this season we wanted to highlight the artistry of the bedding and show more of that hand-painterliness," says McCarthy.

To play up the artistic vibe, both names reference the art world, obliquely. Bloomsbury, with its slightly British-inflected floral, was named after the iconic London-based artistic and literary circle, and Boone pays homage to Mary Boone, a New York gallerist who was one of the first to show the work of artists like Cy Twombly and Julian Schnabel.

The new Boone print bedding, inspired by modern artists like Cy Twombly

"It's a neat ode to that influence without saying we are doing a print by Twombly, which would be delusional," says McCarthy.

To create the array of colors on the textiles was a challenge—McCarthy says it required both technical artistry and a "feat of engineering" to pull them together.

"We let our work in interior design inspire us," says McCarthy. "If there's ever a room that wouldn't work with a print of ours (not that we have to include our bedding in every room), I try to be inspired by that to think of a print that would work."


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