Boring Walls Be Gone: How To Make a Magnet Board

Transform a cheap board into a pretty, fun magnet board or picture clothesline.

By Katherine Gunn June 23, 2015

This insanely easy DIY project can transform a cheap, boring, ugly whiteboard or corkboard into a pretty, fun magnet board or picture clothesline.

First, gather your materials. You’ll need:

  • A magnet board or corkboard
  • Fabric, large enough to cover the board and overlap the back by  2-3 inches on all sides
  • Hot glue or other glue that bonds with your materials or thumbtacks
  • Magnets or twine and mini clothespins

Grab an old board you have lying around or pick up one at the dollar store or Target. You can go to your local fabric store to choose from a huge selection of fabrics or repurpose an old piece of clothing that has special meaning to you. The other materials should be available at any craft or general store.  

You’ll want to iron your fabric before you attach it to make sure it goes on evenly and looks good. Then, lay your board in the middle of your fabric, right side of both the fabric and the board facing down toward the table. Make sure you have enough fabric to fold over the back, and then cut the fabric to size if necessary.

Now just attach the fabric to the board! You don't need to attach it on the front, but attach it all the way around the edges on the back. I glued mine, but you can also pin or tack it for a temporary cover.

Here’s how I did my corners, but as long as the fabric is firmly attached and looks decent from the front, it doesn’t really matter how it’s attached. I glued the fabric in to the corners on both sides (above left), leaving a little space in the middle. Then I folded the edges in, folded the corners down, and glued down that whole folded part (above center.) In the above right photo you can see a section where I tried pinning it instead of gluing. 

At left, here’s what the back looked like when I was finished….

…and here’s the front!

A few tips:

  • Make sure you don’t shift the board to one side as you glue it. It  doesn’t matter if it’s a little off center, but you want to make sure you still have enough excess fabric on every side to glue down.
  • Make sure you pull the fabric taut across the front of the board. This will make it look nicer, and is especially  important when you're pinning or gluing the last side down. 
  • If you’re going to use thumbtacks, make sure they’ll go into whatever the back of your board is made of.
  • Make sure if there’s a hanging mechanism on the back that you don’t cover it with your fabric.
  • Remember it’s better to get extra fabric to make sure you have enough than to end up with too little.
  • If you don’t have strong magnets, you may want to use thinner fabric, or just be careful when attaching things that the magnets aren’t holding too many layers. You can also get super-strong magnets to make sure.

Finally, decorate! If you had a whiteboard, it should work great as a magnet board! If it’s a cork board, you should be able to stick thumbtacks right through the fabric.

You can also string twine across the board and attach mini clothespins to hang pictures from. 

Get creative, and enjoy your newly fashionable, custom-made place to hang pictures or postcards or artwork. 


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