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The Museum District's Latest Design Destination: ARKA Living

The hybrid concept offers art and modern, organic Indonesian wood furnishings.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen June 12, 2015

A carved wood bench sofa from Indonesia at ARKA Living.

It's a bit tricky to find ARKA Living even if you're looking for it, tucked in an unassuming building between Encore Theater and the Highway 59 overpass. It's probably not where you expect to find a new furniture store.

ARKA Living
4715 Main St.

It all comes together when you meet owner Lula Azorey. Azorey, originally from Cuba, is an artist, and she envisions ARKA as not only a furniture store but also as a gallery space and studio—you might even find her in her work apron when you drop in, working on one of her mosiacs. The location on Main Street, just a block from Lawndale Art Center and within spitting distance of the Isabella Court galleries, is ripe for that kind of concept. 

The furniture is front and center at ARKA, though. Azorey's collection is imported from Indonesia and includes incredible live-edge wood dining and coffee tables with stunning wood grain patterns, stone sinks and vessels that retain their natural shape and pieces made of intricately carved wood, including mirrors, an armoire and a dramatic carved bench-style sofa, plus a handful of accessories, like table linens from Morocco.

"I want to change the style, the aesthetic of Houston," says Azorey. "These pieces, they're modern, they're natural, they're organic."

ARKA Living opened its doors in May and Azorey says that July will bring a whole new shipment of hand-picked pieces from Indonesia. What will it include?

"You'll have to come see!" says Azorey.



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