Paris Texas Co. Designed Your New Favorite Glasses

Because boring barware is for Oklahomans.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen July 30, 2015

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In addition to Paris, Tex. being the punchline of your dad's favorite joke about travel, you might know the Paris Texas Co. brand for its cheeky Texas-themed ties with prints of armadillos, queso bowls, oil derricks and the like, which are also popular with dads across the state.

Love them or hate them, the Paris Texas Co. apparel line was one of the first to sartorially celebrate all things Texas, leading the current renaissance of brands repping H-Town like Joey & Jaime and Houstorian. Now the company has expanded into Lone Star-themed barware, debuting pint glasses and rocks glasses in eight  designs celebrating our home state. Sold in sets of four, I'm partial to the crossed rifle and saber insignia as well as the simple but pretty graphic treatment on the glass that reads "Deep in the Heart of Texas." 

For the diehard Texan who only drinks local craft beer or favors Texas whisky, no glassware is more appropriate than one that quotes Davy Crockett: "You may all go to Hell and I will go to Texas." If that sounds like your style, browse on: many of the glass designs are also available on T-shirts.

Paris Texas Co. pint glasses and rocks glasses are $39 for a set of four, available at paristexasco.com.

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