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Most of us ladies have several core pieces in our closet such as a little black dress, black skirt and pants, jeans, white blouse and a bit of lace.  I usually blog about changing up my LBD, but this time I wanted to see what I could do with a black skirt and ecru lace top I've had for a while.  

Just like creating different outfits with your LBD, it's economical to create different looks with these other reliable pieces. One of the most common things I get asked as a fashion blogger is "What can I do to spice up my wardrobe staples?" My answer is that the possibilities are pretty endless. All women want to reflect different styles depending on the occasion, the season, their mood and they always want to show their individuality. 

For my first look I added a blue floral tunic, pearls, a matching headband and socks.

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I'm half Scottish, so I love to wear a little plaid.

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For this look I added a colorful floral loose tank , chunky floral necklace, headbands and sheer blue tights.

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This street/leather look includes an edgy graphic crop tee, leather vest, gloves and lots of chains.

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