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Western retailer Pinto Ranch will open a location inside IAH's Terminal C.

Houston loves to tout itself as a modern, cosmopolitan city with a vibrant economy, a medical center on the forefront of the industry and top-notch cultural offerings. And while all these are both true and laudable, that's not what is going to make Houston a stand-out destination. You know what other city has a thriving industry-based economy? Charlotte. Is that high on your list of places to visit? Hell no. (Bring on the hate mail, North Carolina.)

If you go to Spain, you want to see some flamenco. In Chicago, you make sure to get a hot dog. And travelers heading to Houston want to leave with some bomb-ass cowboy boots. That doesn't make us a town full of Western yokels, it makes us a city with a unique culture and a tradition of awesome footwear.

With this is mind, what could be more appropriate than Houston-based Pinto Ranch is opening a location inside Bush Intercontinental Airport? The second Houston location of the Western retailer will open in December past the security checkpoint in Terminal C, and though it will obviously be much smaller than the 11,000-square-foot flagship near the Galleria, it will offer a curated collection of boots from Lucchese Classics, Old Gringo, Stallion and Rios of Mercedes; women's clothing by Double D Ranch and Johnny Was; menswear from Ryan Michael and Robert Graham; iconic Stetson hats (I mean, obviously) plus jewelry and sterling silver belt buckles.

Frankly, the only way to give travelers a more enticing Houston experience would be to start selling breakfast tacos. 

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