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How To Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

Achieve an effortlessly upscale look with these 8 tricks.

By Julia Davila November 16, 2015

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In this fast-paced fashion world, we strive to keep up with the latest trends while also looking put-together and polished, the best bet is to make the most of what you already own. The key to making your casual pieces look more expensive is to invest in versatile, quality basics. Achieve an upscale, effortless look with these tricks.

1. Tailor it. 

The first rule of looking well-put-together is clothes that fit perfectly. The cut of a pant leg or sleeves that hit just the right spot on your arm are details that often get overlooked but make a huge difference.

2. A steamer is your best friend.

Consider this: steaming is more effective than ironing; it isn’t time consuming and a good steamer can remove wrinkles in just a few moments. Spend a few extra minutes before going to bed to steam your clothes. Removing creases and wrinkles will instantly create a polished look.

3. Upgrade your buttons.

Replace plastic buttons with some in metal, bone or pearl for a richer feel. Search Etsy, craft stores or your mother’s sewing kit for interesting and expensive-looking options. If you don’t know how to sew, take the piece to your dry cleaner or tailor.

4. Ice your clothes out.

Constantly washing clothes will wear down the fabrics and you’ll soon see their colors fade, which makes them look cheap and old. When something is basically clean except for an acquired odor, remove it with less wear by sticking your clothes in the freezer overnight.

5. Dress monochromatically.

All white will always look fresh; all black will always look chic.

6. Think neat.

For maximum polish, tuck in your blouse or sweater and make sure your handbags have plenty of structure.

7. Layer

Elevate your casual, everyday look with multiple layers, artfully arranged. For example, pull your bottom-layer sleeve down past your jacket sleeve to add interest to your outfit.

8. Finishing touches.

It isn’t always about the outfit—pressed hair and natural makeup or a bold red lip are the perfect finishing touches to create an effortless, expensive look.

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