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No one pulls off a '60s-style metallic cocktail dress and cowboy boots like Kam Franklin of The Suffers. 

Excuse me while I throw conventional wisdom on its ear, but when it comes to some people you can totally judge a book by its cover. Take Kam Franklin, lead singer of beloved Houston band The Suffers. Kam's performance outfits are all about looking glamorous while still being able to move around and get down with the boys, and her natural energy is brought out by a taste for bold colors and skirts that swing as much as by her radiant smile.

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"Bam it's Kam" dress, $79.99 at Modcloth

There's the bright geometric dress with flowy '70s details that Franklin wore when The Suffers played NPR's Tiny Desk Concert, for example, or the lush wildflower-pattern dress she rocked on The Late Show with David Letterman back in March. Her taste in patterns blends pretty-yet-fun looks with eye-catching color—no one would ever mistake Ms. Franklin for a wallflower.

Don't just take it from me—these days Franklin's look is well on track to icon status. Exhibit A: Massive online retailer Modcloth has named its new "Bam It's Kam" dress after her.

"Everyone has that friend who lifts your spirits, and that ensemble that puts you in an awesome mood," reads the description copy. "With this burgundy dress, the two are unstoppably combined! Named for The Suffers singer Kam, rockin’ petal cutouts at the neckline, ‘n’ flaunting ivory hearts all over, this playful look is a star style!" 

Franklin reached out to Modcloth to snag some looks for The Suffers' big press push in 2015—her Letterman dress is from the retailer, too—so hopefully this is the first of many adorable, wearable Kam Franklin-inspired dresses to come. 

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