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The Traveling Black Purse: 5 More Ways to Raise Your Handbag Game

Let your accessories take center stage by styling a simple handbag.

By Beth Muecke January 15, 2016

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My traveling black dress goes anywhere with me because I constantly change up its look with accessories. Well, my little black purse deserves some of the same treatment. Adding some bling to one handbag can adapt it to compliment any outfit you wear. Most of us cannot buy a new bag to match each outfit, so add some different accessories to your purse to give that extra cute polish to your look of the day or evening.

I recently attended a wedding and added these flower clips to tie in with my pink fur and necklace.

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Photos/Assistance by Angie Fanelli

Two little floral clips can make a big difference. 

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 This bold pin/clip with velvet flowers and pearl-encrusted lace ties my entire outfit together. 

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The velvet in the clip matches my skirt and lace matches my blouse. A plain black purse would have never done this outfit justice.

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 These butterflies (from Michael's) have delicate wires attached that I wrapped around the handles of the purse. Love it with the floral tunic.

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 These aztec headbands fit neatly over the bag and are held together with a matching clip. Two little green floral clips in the corners finish it off to compliment the Southwestern flair in the dress.

Dsc02440 dtatzm

 I think these little Prada bear keychains would look great on any bag!! So cute!

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