A closet containing a blazer, a trench coat and a striped tee: Check! But are your go-to basics flattering your figure? Whether your frame is pear, hourglass, narrow or boy-shaped, make sure you've got these eight classics in your wardrobe.

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1. Black midi dress

Victoria Beckham, the queen of the tasteful midi dress, doesn’t wear them just because. She knows this style will immediately slim her already-tiny waist and hit her legs at just the right spot below the knee. Remember ladies, you want to emphasize your curves in the best way and a mid-calf length black dress will do just that. 

2. Belted coat

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Coats cinched with belts instantly create curves out of an outfit that can otherwise read as bulky. Tie the belt off to the side for a modern effect, or for a downtown, street-style look, tie the belt but don't button the coat.

If your coat doesn’t already have a belt, pair it with a wide version for an '80s glam vibe.

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3. Long sleeveless jacket

A long, sleeveless jacket or vest hides the parts of your frame that aren’t necessarily your strongest—a thicker waist, maybe, or wide hips—and its long lines will make you look taller, slimmer and sleeker.

Talk about a multi-tasker.

4. Tailored trousers

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Whether they’re cropped or flared, tailored trousers instantly elevate your shape to make your legs longer and leaner. These feminine but chic bottoms will also highlight and compliment a curvy frame.

5. A-line skirt

You really can’t go wrong with an A-line skirt in your closet. This flattering silhouette won’t hug your hips and thighs like a pencil skirt, but it will slim your stomach while the flare will narrow your hips.

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It also balances your frame if you have broad shoulders—swimmers and gymnasts, these are ideal for you. For those with a narrow shape, pairing your A-line skirt with a fitted top will emphasize your curves.

6. Pencil skirt

Contrary to popular belief, a stylish pencil skirt is extremely flattering. The trick is to find one that suits your shape.

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Petites should stick to a high-waisted style that hits just above your knees—anything longer will seem to cut your legs short. Those with a narrow frame can choose pencil skirts with details and prints—zippers or pockets at the hips will add curves.

This staple was really made for those with an hourglass shape, though, accentuating your curves and tiny waist.

7. Nude heels

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Nude heels can not only be paired with any outfit in your closet, they also create the illusion of height.

Find a pair similar to your skin tone to effortlessly lengthen your legs. 

8. Pointy-toe heels

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Opt for heels with a pointy-toe instead of a rounded one to elongate your legs.

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