How One Houston Mom Got Hooked on Thread

Cute kids clothes, reasonable prices and Tegan & Sara on the sound system make this resale shop a hot spot for cool moms.

By Jamie Smith February 16, 2016

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Thread is an adorable children's resale shop in the Heights.

“I have an exciting announcement!” my mother declared. “I just got us all Brunch with the Bunny tickets at the Zoo!” Easter has become so much more fun since our family has grown by six babies this year; their older siblings are at the age when Easter egg hunts are video-worthy. I can’t wait to watch those sweet kiddos try to toddle around attempting to pick up eggs without losing their balance while their parents look like they are in the middle of the Isley Brothers' "Shout" doing the Twist 'a little bit softer now' behind them.

Immediately I knew I wanted something special for my 3-month-old baby boy, Sterling, to wear. An outfit classic enough to take to church that can also survive a morning at the zoo with all of our relatives passing him around. Not to mention that it needed to be cute enough to last the many, many years I will be pulling out his first photo with the Easter bunny to place on our mantle every spring.

Having recently heard about Thread, the upscale children's resale shop that popped up on 19th Street not long ago, I thought I would walk over and take a peek to see if they might have something in the 3–6 month size range that might suit our needs. When I opened the doors to the pale yellow and olive khaki colorblock shop, I was excited and surprised to hear Tegan & Sara playing over the speaker system. And then, lovingly displayed in the front cabinet, was a smocked Mardi Gras-themed romper! My Texas heart skipped a beat. Purple plaid with green and gold masks across the smocking; I could not have fathomed a more classic baby item to pass down through the generations. That’s the moment I became hooked on Thread. 

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Kids clothing, socks, shoes, and accessories for children up to 12 years by Lilly Pulitzer, Naartjie, Kissy Kissy and more are abundant in the store. From practical to precious, there are clothes for every occasion. I found the perfect outfit for my occasion, a white smocked romper with ducks across the front… And a poncho for him to wear over it until we take our photos with the bunny. What’s more were sweet gift items like Tooth Fairy Pillows, gently used toys from great toymakers Melissa and Doug and Baby Einstein and wall art for nurseries and toddler's rooms. I picked up an adorable poster with the Texas alphabet on it that includes letters and pictures such as J for Jalapeño, N for NASA, and Z for ZZ Top for my nephew’s first birthday.

This shop definitely earned a W for Winner in my book; I can’t wait to return to this cute store, perfectly primed with what I need for every occasion.

Thread is located at 249 W. 19th Street, 281-501-0148,

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