Where to Soulfully Upgrade Your Ikea: Nadeau

This community-oriented chain offers stylish and affordable furniture imports that aren't mass produced—no assembly required.

By Beth Levine February 11, 2016

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My husband and I first fell in love with Nadeau about two years ago while shopping for an upgrade from our current Ikea-filled home. On the hunt for new pieces—the first pieces we would ever own that we did not have to put together—that were affordable yet still unique, we wandered into Nadeau’s original Houston location in Rice Village. We left with two pieces that are still the focal point of our home today, an authentic steel Indian luggage cart wheeled coffee table and antique green teak shelved console.

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Nadeau's wares are a mix of classic, contemporary, global and industrial styles.

Nadeau (tagline: furniture with a soul) moved to its current location in Rice Military in 2014, and although the store is a nationwide chain with 28 locations, the shop itself and the imported, real wood pieces it carries still have that unique, non-mass-produced feel to them—at prices you can actually afford.

The selection varies from classic painted wood pieces to furniture with industrial and global styles. The building on Durham Drive is an old corrugated warehouse which means a lot more space for Nadeau to fill to the brim, and the upgraded layout is definitely a feast for the eyes. 

Browsing through the store's current selection, I had to hold myself back once I saw some of the new pieces that just arrived, like a dresser with numbered drawers and a latched storage barrel.

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One of the things we love about Nadeau, besides the smell of wood everywhere, is that if you investigate underneath every nook and cranny, there are usually even more smaller pieces to find, like the child-size lacquered Buddha tables we took home to use as computer stands.

New pieces come in (and out) of the store frequently, making Nadeau a place to feed your soul every time you're in the neighborhood.

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